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Little Engines (1-2)

Toddler Daycare Program

We go above and beyond to create an inspiring safe early education childcare environment for our toddlers.

Our Little Engines Program is designed to provide interactive challenges that will encourage our students to emerge from their shell of shyness. This is the true stage of discovery and exploration: children have a natural desire to “push it to the limit” and experience the world around them without boundaries.

Driven by curiosity and a newfound sense of confidence, toddlers are more self-aware, expressive and pensive in their daily activities.

A proper toddler program engages energetic children by inviting them to interact with their environment. We expand classrooms as they go up in age to incorporate more complex manipulatives, play centers and activities. At this age, children mimic what they see, so we work to foster a toddler’s understanding of safe and socially appropriate behavior.

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