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Conductors (Ages 3-4)

Pre-Schooler Program

We go above and beyond to create an inspiring safe early education childcare environment for our Pre-Schoolers.

The conductors are on a journey to greatness. They carefully navigate with more tact, awareness and hope for their imminent future. The Preschool Program at C.O.B. aims to model the experience of these conductors by preparing students to get on the tracks and move forward in higher education. Preschool acts a preparatory academy that focuses on academic readiness skills.

Conductors are exposed to real-world situations, current events and more complex learning concepts that complement the evolution that takes place at the 3-year-old stage. Their personalities are larger than life and their perception of the world has matured to understand how things operate and coincide in their everyday lives.

The Preschool classroom incorporates immersive exploration centers that allow them to heighten their competency of academic subjects. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) make up a large portion of our Preschool Academy’s curriculum in addition to: language and literacy, logic and reasoning, social studies and environmental awareness. We strive to instill more structure, accountability and independence at the Conductor stage so when the time comes, they will be ready to enter the Kindergarten environment.

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