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Children On Board Education Center

Child Care & Educational Programming

Whether infant, toddler or preschooler preparing to move onto school, Children On Board Education Center has a program custom designed to support each developmental stage.

All of our programs  are created to provide the best child care and individualized early learning experiences for your child regardless of their age, stage of development, or even the time of year!

Programs and Curriculum

Children On Board Education Center has kept up with decades of research, testing and analyzing methods that effectively establish the foundation for a lifelong love of learning in our children. Our research-based curriculum is predicated on NAEYC and State standards and incorporates core philosophies from renowned pioneers in the field of Early Childhood Education. 


Our staff is handpicked for reasons beyond their credentials; we seek out compassionate, gentle and tactful teachers that will purposefully and intentionally care for our children. We meet each child where they are developmentally and individualize their experience at C.O.B. because we understand that education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Children are encouraged to think and progress at their own pace while we actively explore their interests, identify strengths and build confidence in areas that need improvement with age appropriate challenges.


Our approach to Early Education is to care for children holistically. That means going beyond lesson plans and ABC’s to instill core values that’ll make them well rounded future leaders and contributors to society!

Our core beliefs are:

· Each child possesses a unique perspective, personality and position in life from birth

·  Developmental milestones are mere guidelines; growth happens in ways that cannot be generalized, and each step of the way should be celebrated

·  Children flourish best in their natural habitat – a healthy supportive environment that welcomes creative play, exploration, inquisitiveness and experimentation without bias or bounds

· It truly takes a village and a childcare center should function as a home-away-from home

·  Each place a child visits creates a sensory experience that will shape how they viewthemselves and the world around them; children should always sense love, warmth andsecurity.

From your child’s first words, to their first little steps and the first time using the potty – we take pride in impacting their lives and being your trusted partner in Early Childhood Education

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